skyraftdSince 2000 we have been occupying Stanton Moor hillside to block the destruction of the hill which goes too close to the Nine ladies stone circle. We are happily living there with our woodland community. We survived an eviction threat in 2004 and plan to continue to live here until their destructive plans are totally dropped.


Place An Alternate Description Here!dWe have built our own homes from recycled materials. They are only tempory structures designed to last only a few years.
We have wood burning stove to keep them nice and warm and dry, especially in the wet misty winters.

Tree Village

Place An Alternate Description Here!dWe have built lots of treehouses in the woods, which some people live in. They are one of our many defences on site. They are walkwayed together, and there are also cargo nets and many other features. There are often empty treehouses for visitors to stay in. There are experienced climbers willing to give workshops and sometimes lend visitors safety harnesses & ropes.

Free Camping


We get a lot of visiters from Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham who come to stay for the weekend. Other people free camp by the stone circle on the moor and then come visit our camp.

Social Centre

social spaced
We have a communial marquee that we all get together in and have small parties and events.


We have a nice woodland community.

Hills Not Holes!

This has shown just how totally lame English Heritage, the nation trust and the lord of the manor are at protecting our national park. Even the peak district national park authority needed a good kick up the bum before they came out against it, far more intersted in litter than stopping the real environmental destruction of quarrying, heavy industry & road building.

The millions of users of our national parks really should be involed in the real issues and not let fuckwit locals ruin the landscape. We're proud to include so many hillwalkers, climbers & cavers in our camp.

Here on Stanton Moor hillside there used to have a very old quarry and with an old post-WW2 law they proclaimed the right to reopen the quarry without having to get planning permmision. This sort of shit has got to stop happening especially in a tourist beauty spot and with such a sacred landscape.

please note-

We do not have public liabilty insurance, so all camping in the woods is done at your own risk. Having said that we do have first aiders, treehouse rescue, smoke alarms etc.


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