Mission Statement

Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site

was established to prevent the construction of the proposed A701bypass (by Mid-Lothian Council) and the senseless destruction of the Bilston Glen Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The main purpose of this protest site is to support and strengthen the ongoing legal campaign against the proposed A701 Bypass and to establish frontline defensive measures against the destruction of the Bilston Glen woodland.


  •  Encourage the local communities around Bilston Glen to support the legal campaign against the proposed A701 Bypass and Mid-Lothian Council's development plans.
  • Provide an in-depth and up-to-date library of information regarding the proposed bypass, the council's development plans, those interested parties supporting the bypass's construction, and the ecological importance of the Bilston Glen SSSI.
  • Elaborate and develop methods to strengthen the legal campaign.
  • Establish a network of physical defenses to protect the Bilston Glen Woodland.
  • Create and advance an autonomous community that demonstrates a model of low-impact, sustainable living that runs contrary to the style of development proposed by Mid-Lothian Council through living ecologically within this woodland environment.

To these ends, the Bilston Glen ABPS is a community that values non-violence, diversity of opinion and belief, open communication and respect! (& limited lunching out)